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Everything you need to know if you travel to Budapest - FAQ

Ask us everything about Budapest! We have a lot of experience with tourists, and we collected the questions they were asking us. We update this list as often as possible!

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How to Enjoy Ruin Pubs in Budapest?

Ruin bars present an excellent opportunity to have big fun, here is our advice:

Pub Crawls In Hungary

Although the concept of going to numerous places in a single night is alive and well in Budapest, and has been for a long period of time, the concept of a ritualistic walking from pub to pub in the form of a pub crawl is something we just did not have. Historically people have their favourite dives or hang outs, and are content to start drinking at home (in a pre-game session), and then go to their regular place and be there.

August 2016

August, and with, the famous Sziget Festival is just around the corner! This year as always, we are collaborating with the Sziget festival people, and will be giving discounts and freed rinks to our island dwelling travellers! The Sziget festival will be held on the Hajógyári island, as every year, from 10th-17th of August.