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August 2016

August, and with, the famous Sziget Festival is just around the corner! This year as always, we are collaborating with the Sziget festival people, and will be giving discounts and freed rinks to our island dwelling travellers! The Sziget festival will be held on the Hajógyári island, as every year, from 10th-17th of August.

This August will have much more to offer though, for those who will not be going to the craziest summer festival in Europe. Let’s see a little bit of what else this month will have for us!

Hungarian independence day is on the 20th of August, and celebrates the formation of the Hungarian state on the 20th of August. This day is linked with the name of St. István, also known as St. Stephen of Hungary, the first Christian king of Hungary, who unified the country as a Christian nation in 1000 AD. On this day, Budapest will be flooded with tourists from all around the country, and the river side will be especially packed, as this is where the biggest fireworks of the year will be held in celebration of Hungarian independence. The show will be on the 20th of August from 21:00, and is definitely worth staying in the city for. There is going to be a boat trip as well, so you can view the fireworks from the river itself, a sight that is most recommended! Several boating companies launch cruises for this purpose only, but be sure to book in advance, as they tend to fill up quite quickly!

The Celebration of Traditional Folk Crafts will also be held in August, from the 18th to the 21st of August, in the Buda Castle. Take a trip back to the pre-industrialised days, when everything was hand made by crafts people, and see some of the highest quality craftsmanship available today. Trades folk from all over the world will be displaying their products, and many different kinds of items, from food, drinks, wine and beer to household goods, clothes, toys, tools and a whole host of other, high quality, rustic hand made goods will be available for all.