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Balaton Sound

The Coolest Beach Party In Europe

Balaton Sound has been advertised as “the coolest beach party in Europe”, and that sums up what the organizers are trying to achieve. This is primarily an electronic music festival, bringing house music and danceable electro beats, but staying away from the ever growing psychedelic movement, keeping the electronica safe and digestible. It has become tradition to invite rpa and hip hop groups along to this festival every year, and this year is no different, but the emphasis will still remain on the house and techno.

Balaton Sound 2014

A beautiful lakeside, pretty girls, booming bass and the cheapest cocktails this side of the continent- that is what you can expect when you go to Balaton Sound. This festival was first organized in 2007, and it was such a success that it has been backed by different financial institutions and big business ever since. One of the few festivals in Hungary that generates a profit consistently, this festival has been the darling of promoters and sponsors for years.

Best European Middle-sized Festival

In 2012, the festival won the “Best European Middle-sized Festival” award, something that is reserved for only the best events. This event usually draws around 100 000 people, and they are all crammed onto a beautiful beach in Zamárdi, one of the most prestigious and oft visited sections of the south coast of the Balaton (called the Golden Coast). Zamárdi has a history of camps and resorts that goes back to the communist days, so it would make sense that the biggest beach party in Europe (but certainly in Hungary) would be held here. This festival aims to bring a little bit of Ibiza to Central Europe, both in terms of feeling, music and in the way that people treat each other.

This year is going to bring a very solid lineup, as Djs and artists from around the world are going to be lining up to play this amazing fest. The token hip hop artist this year will be none other than the illustrious Wiz Khalifa, who is coming up in the world after his duet with Snoop Dogg a few years ago. Arguably he is now at the peak of the rap industry, and is gracing the Balaton with his presence. In terms of Djs, the most famous Dj in the world, David Guetta will be performing this year, along with Deep Dish, Sven Väth, Flux Pavillion and a ton of other hot shots of the electronic music scene. The best thing about this festival is that the music is continuous, lasting well into the morning and beginning all over again by noon. The sets are long, the Djs talented, and no time at all is wasted between the sets, so get ready for an intense and extremely enjoyable experience.

Zamárdi is a town with many places to sleep in, but some accommodations are available at the festival grounds as well. Zamárdi has mostly single apartments and communist era mass accommodations that only those who are familiar with Eastern Europe really know about. They are comfy, but involve staying with many people at once, so why not try and find a nice apartment or hostel through our hostel finder? Simply go to hostel.allnightcrash.cm and find one that is good for you!

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