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Where is Budapest?

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is in the middle-east part of Europe, right next to Austria.

The city is divided by the longest European river, so called Danube. Pest is on the east side Buda is on the west side.

It’s around two hours from Vienna by car.

Is Budapest a safe city?

Yes it is. You don’t have to worry about robbing, or terrorism.

The traffic is also civilized.

What is the currency of Hungary?

The Hungarian currency is the Forint, or you can see it write like this: HUF, or Ft

310 Ft is around 1 Euro

Is Hungary expensive?

No! Hungary is relatively cheap. One pint of beer is around 1-1,5 Euro

A meal in a good restaurant is around 10-15 Euro.

A Big Mac meal is around 5-6 Euro.

What language do Hungarians speak?

Hungarian. It is very unique language what is not similar to any other languages. Sounds like Finnish, and it is very hard to learn.

Do Hungarians speak English?

In Budapest, under 40 almost everyone can speak English or at least understand. This is not true at the countryside.

Are the Hungarians hungry?

…It is a very very very old and boring joke, and Hungarians really not appreciate it…keep it to yourself!

How is the food in Hungary?

Amazing! It is a bit spicy and there is red paprika in almost everything.

Try Gulash, Újházy Chicken Soup, Pörkölt with Nokedli, and Gundel Pancake and Gerbaud.

These are traditional Hungarian foods.

What alcohol can I get?

Everything! You can find almost any kind of brand from all over the world, but the Hungarian drinks are also very good.

The beer is tasty and cheap, the wines are world famous (try Rose Wine which is Hungarian speciality), the shots are strong!

Unique Hungarian shots are: Pálinka and Unicum.

Is it hard to purchase cigarette in Hungary?

Actually yes. You can buy cigarettes only in special tobacco shops, so called “Nemzeti Dohány Bolt”. Budapest is full packed with them, but after a while they are closed, so if you are in the middle of a party and you run out of smoke, you’ll might be in “trouble“.

What are the top 5 things to do in Budapest?

- Parliament:
There’s a 45-minute tour inside the Parliament that you can book in advance, although walking around the building itself is also something special.
- Ruin pubs and party places:
Budapest's huge nightlife scene is widely renowned, and it's largely centered in the Jewish Quarter of District VII. The area's top party places are all within easy walking distance from each other. It is easier to join our pub crawl, so you won’t miss anything. Check out our Budapest Pub Crawl for example!
- Relax in a thermal bath
Budapest’s abundant underground thermal waters mean that there are dozens of thermal baths dotted throughout the city. Surrounded by the stunning architecture of the Széchenyi Bath feels like swimming in a beautiful palace.
- Explore the Danube:
Taking a boat ride is a great way to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Budapest and see all the bridges like the world famous Chain Bridge.
- Castle district:
You can't miss the World Heritage-listed Royal Palace and Castle Hill. The palace is one of the city skyline's most distinct features, with its huge green dome towering over the city.

What is a ruin bar?

Ruin bars are something we only have in Budapest, they are a speciality of the city. There are a bunch of ruined but really neat Monarchy era buildings that instead of being renovated are made into high quality pubs and bars but keeping their run down atmosphere. They are usually furnished with vintage communist era stuff, and are hit with that absurd hipster aesthetic. You can find them all over the 7th (the party district). Our pub crawl goes to these bars, so you can’t miss them.

Is it a good idea to make a stag / hen party in Budapest?

Yes it is! Foreigners love to spend their bachelor’s party in Budapest. If you want make sure to have an epic night, just let us organize yours. ;)

What are the favorite drinks for a Hungarian?

Hungarians have a special shot, called Palinka. It is very popular at local people, but beer and wine are also favorites.

Where does a local youngster go to party in Budapest?

To the same area as the tourists. The Party District is a good idea to go to find the best clubs or bars.

Are there any good Hungarian beer brand?

There are a lot. They are usually cheap, but good quality light beers.
Just a few: Arany Ászok, Soproni, Borsodi, Dreher etc.
You can taste them in any bar in Hungary.

What kind of music do they play in a usual Hungarian club?

Nowadays hits are the most common, but you can accidentally find some retro, or Hungarian retro music in a few bar.

Are there any nightclub/stripclub in Budapest?

Yes there are some good ones. But you have to be careful, because it is easy to lost all your money you have. Some of the nightclubs may scam you, so we would recommend to visit a nightclub with an organized tour, like our Strip Club Tour.

Is it safe to walk alone in Budapest?

Yes. We can say with confidence, that Hungary is safe even at night. But of course as in every big city there are some bad people, but it is really not typical.

How much money do I need for a crazy night in Budapest?

If you want to enjoy yourself I would say, that at least 15000 Ft so around 48 Euro what you will need for a party.
But it is cheaper if you joint to our pub crawl for 15 Euro and buy a Power Hour (unlimited drinks) for another 15 Euro and you will see all the good places and surely you will have a blast!

How much is a beer in Budapest in a regular bar?

Around 1-1,5 euro.

Can I pay with Euro or just with Hungarian Forint?

In some bars you can pay with Euro, but we dont recommend it, because the change fee is really expensive in a bar.
So it is much worth if you change in a money change. Budapest is full of them, so you can easily find one in the city center.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes in shops. But in bars it is not common. We recommend to have a forint with yourself, when you go out to drink.

Can I drink in the street in Budapest?

Well, yes and no. Normally it is forbidden to drink in the street (by law), but we didn’t see any policeman stopping anyone for having a beer in their hands. I always drink on the streets by the way ;)

How much should I tip in bars & restaurants?

The general amount is 10% in bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. However it depends on you if you give more or less. Some venues, usually high class places include a 10-15% service charge in their bill. This must be noted in the menu. In this case it is not expected to tip above this amount. 

Hostels vs. hotels?

Of course hotels az much more comfortable, but if you are coming with your friends and you do not want to spend too much money, hostels can be a good solution. In Budapest you can find some really nice and fancy hostels in the city center.

Taxi or public transport?

You can use both of them in Budapest all day, 0-24. Taxis are more comfortable, of course, but much more expensive.

What is Goulash Soup?

Goulash is a soup or stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices. Originating from the medieval Kingdom of Hungary.

What is Pörkölt?

Pörkölt is a Hungarian stew with boneless meat, paprika, and some vegetables. It should not be confused with Goulash, a stew with more gravy or a soup (using meat with bones, paprika, caraway, vegetables and potato or different tiny dumplings or pasta simmered along with the meat), or Paprikás (using only meat, paprika and thick heavy sour cream). The traditional Hungarian stews: Pörkölt and Paprikás along with the traditional soup "Goulash" are considered to be the national dishes of Hungary.

How to say cheers in hungarian?

Egészségedre! (pronounce: egg as shake ed re)
Short version: Egs! (pronounce: eggsh)

Which is the biggest and most popular ruin bar in Budapest

Its called Instant/Fogas which is a fusion of two ruin bars.

Does AllNightCrash go to Instant/Fogas?

Yes. Usually we finish there and you can stay to party till 6am.

Is there public transport at night in Budapest?

Absolutely! The main tram: 4-6 is a non-stop tram.
There are also a lot of „night buses“. Use google maps to find which one you need.
Underground is closed at night.

How does the public transport work in Budapest?

You will easily get to any sight and attraction by travelling on one of the four metro lines or the major tram lines (No. 4, 6 and 2).
The bus and trolley bus service are quite extensive too. There’s also a scheduled boat service on the Danube from spring till autumn. A wide variety of trams, buses, trolleys and metro trains run in the city.Night service is quite reliable, too.
One ticket costs 350 HUF (around 1 EURO) which is valid for one ride.
Always valid your ticket on the tram or bus or if you use metro, before you go down to it.
Keep your ticket till the end of your journey!
Use google maps to get informations about the lines and routes. ;)