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EFOTT since 1976

The “Egyetemisták és Főiskolások Országos Turisztikai Találkozója” ( Undergraduates and Collegiates Countrywide Toursitic Meeting) was founded in 1976, because of this it can be counted as one of the traditional festivals of Hungary. Everytime it is held in a different location, the youth visits different cities every year, getting to known Hungary’s hidden beauties. In the 70s, summer camps and holiday resorts operated under the control and custody of the Hungarian Communistic Youth Union. For the secondary school students the Globetrotter Students Countrywide Meeting provided summer entertainment and for those who finsihed the secondary school and worked during the year were seen to by the Youthworker Campings, in this way only the undergraduates and collegiates were left without any summer program.


To fill this lack, the Communist Youth Organization founded the EFOTT. The main aim of this organization was to educate students about sports, culture and Hungary’s touristic treasures. At the beginning it wasn’t the modern festival it is nowadays’, rather it was similar to a pioneer camp. The main events were the dances held in the dance-hall, movies viewed mainly on a projector, sport competitions, political forums, campfires and carnivals.

The first meeting was in Abaliget near Pécs, in the summer of ‘76. 350 students of 25 Universities and Colleges took part in the four-day long event. During the following years the festival started to grow continueosly and near the millenium it reached the 10.000 mark. Of course after the system changed, the EFOTT also changed: the political conversations have changed to pop music and the touristic aspect has been reduced to a minimal level.

Offical site: www.efott.hu

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