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Euro 2012 & Pub Crawl

Don't miss the match neither the pub crawl!

Watch Euro 2012 from our first bar & crawl with us! Support your team from our first bar than join us to Pub Crawl Budapest!

Why is an issue?

We realised during Euro 2012, many of the best matches start at about the same time as our pubcrawl at 9pm.

It is obvious you guys want to see the best matches, follow Euro 2012, support your team! Football is exciting, why should you miss it and what to do then for?

We got many late calls just after the matches finished, how possible to join us So we decided to put together the football and pub crawl love and fan! As the most best matches start at 8.45 - 9 pm, as our pub crawl does it as well , you don’t need to miss the matches, if you want to do the pub crawl, as our pub crawl start now in a pub, where you can easily watch the matches having the first drinks, free welcome shot and the cheap warm up to the night out program, then you won’t miss either the pub crawl & fun, you still can go out!

Usually we leave our first bar about at 10.15 pm, now upon request, even a part of the group don’t care about matches and want the tour the normal way, one of guide will wait the end of football with you guys, football lovers to able to catch up with the rest of the group in maximum of 30 minutes late comparing the first part of the group and joining them in the second bar, receiving the welcome shots and don’t missing anything either the Euro 2012 current game.

So you don’t miss anything, even profite more from our first bar’s great special offers to keep warm the influence and get ready to do the ultimate AllNightCrash Pub crawl by the end of the tonights Euro 2012 football match!

So Don’t miss the match neither the budapest pub crawl! Watch Euro 2012 from our first bar & crawl with us!

Results, scores etc just to know where are we regarding Euro 2012 Games Support