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Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas is a cult movie that was emblematic and genre forming. The already existing genre of gonzo movies was pretty much given its final form with this movie and is one of the best examples of the genre. Very loosely written with a plot that seems to meander and yet goes places, it follows the lives of two journalists who are hooked on drugs, and are doing any and all kinds of psychoactive substances while travelling around Nevada and the United States in general.

This movie, like all cult movies has a relatively large following who swear by it, and this fan base is alive and well in Budapest. To celebrate the movie and the niche it created for itself, fans are throwing a Fear And Loathing party in Instant.

Fear And Loathing In Instant

Instant is an enchanted sort of place. It is a club and bar, but is very atmospheric, and has its own feel. The theme of the place is a magical forest, and the rooms are named after things you would find along your way in one. There is heavy use of animal themes and taxidermy owls in the place, and there is even a flock of giant rabbits running across the ceiling in one of the rooms. The space is multi-purpose, some rooms are quiet and intimate, while others are loud and obnoxious, giving the visitors the chance to dance and party or talk with a friend, and the selection of drinks reflects this; there is a Pálinka bar with uncountable kinds of Pálinka, the Hungarian national drink (for advanced drinkers only!), but there is also 3 kinds of beer on tap,and a nice wine selection, and a cocktail bar to suit all needs and occasions.

For this occasion a stiff drink, an open mind and a good sense of humor will be indispensable, as those of you who have seen the movie can rightly attest to, and those of you haven’t, this is your chance to prove me right. Since the use of psychoactive substances is illegal in Hungary, and carries a serious penalty, the organizers of the event ask everyone to “dress like a hallucination”, thereby creating a similar atmosphere, and everyone who does so will get a shot of pálinka on the house!

This is going to be the 4th time this event will be held, and there will be 4 different rooms with different kinds of music going on, form breakbeat and drum and bass to oldies and funk, to white trash europop classics! This is going to be a really crazy night, and the cream of the Budapest ruin bar scene is sure to be there, lending a welcome atmosphere for visitors, and a crowd that can often speak English. This is quite a night to get to know the crazier side of Budapest nightlife!

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