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Főzdefest 8. + Street Food Show

The American trend of microbreweries took some time to travel over to Europe, mostly because many European countries never got rid of their small breweries, and take a sizable percentage of their beer from small, local breweries. The concept of a microbrewery and the “revolution” of artisan beers that followed could only come from a place where there is no traditional beer brewing, and places like Belgium, Germany, England and the Czech republic have had an unbroken tradition of brewing beer that goes back to as late as the 12th century, and sometimes even further.

Főzdefest 8. + Street Food Show

Hungarian beer

Hungarian beer has been traditionally nothing to write home about, and so the trend of artisan and handcrafted, small cask case beers was as welcome as a drop of water in the Gobi desert. While Hungarians have been known for their unique and fantastic wines, and some of the most beautiful and productive vineyards of the world, the beer was always serviceable at best. Most of it is brewed in an old socialist brewing system in Kőbánya, which produces the 4 most popular beers: Kőbányai, Dreher, Arany Ászok and Soproni. These can only be categorized just above the level of yellow swill, even though locals swear by it. But the small local beer trend finally hit us as well.

Artisan beer

Főzdefeszt is meant to give small breweries and local beer makers a chance to taste each other’s brews, drink together, and see a little commerce. The recent trend has also seen a rise in the number of breweries producing quality ales and stouts, and many abbey style ales as well.

The event will be held between the 20th and 21st of September on Andrássy avenue, which is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Broadway of Budapest. The avenue is lined with beautiful trees, is quite wide, houses the Opera and a host of other UNESCO world heritage sites (some of which have recently fallen to fires), and all car traffic will be diverted on these two days. There will be many street stalls which will have many different kinds of street foods, including some specialties, like bear meat. This is the 8th time the festival will be held, and since it has grown from being a small local event in Budapest to being the biggest gastronomical festival in Hungary. So if you’re hankering for some good beer, and are sick of the Hungarian stuff you can find elsewhere, you can come on down and enjoy a pint of premium, homemade lager (or stout)! By the way did you think about trying out our Budapest Beer Tour?

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