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Hostel page

AllNightCrash now has a hostel page! It was a well known fact that besides every single nightlife establishment, we are also at home in pretty much every single hostel in the entire city. We decided to put that knowledge to work for you, and the product is none other than our very own allnightcrash hostel page!

AllNightCrash Hostel Page

What is it?

The page is primarily a list of all of the hostels worth mentioning in the city! But that’s not all. Aside from a listing and of course their address, you can also find a short description about the hostel, and you can book a room directly from our page! Where can I find it? Just go to hostel.allnightcrash.com ! You can check out our hostel list based on price, size of the rooms, or just the ones that we feature.

About AllNightCrash

We are Budapest’s best and longest running pub crawl organizer, and we have been hitting the streets every night since 2007 with groups of visitors to have a drink, kick back and enjoy the many splendored nightlife that only Budapest has to offer. We know what’s what in the inner city, and just as sure as we know of the best bars, clubs, pubs, locales and the many other named establishments were folks like to get drunk, you can be sure that we know the best places to rest your head after doing so.

Budapest Hostel culture

Budapest has a thriving hostel culture, because our tourist industry is aimed mostly at young backpackers who cannot afford the Ritz, but maybe reluctant to couchsurf. The hostel industry recently had a big boom, which of course means that many flimsy ones were opened as well. But now, with the help of our list, you can be sured that if you pick one of the man hostels from our list, you will be met with professionals who know how to run an establishment, have comfy beds, reasonable prices and that you will be resting in a place that we would also take a rest in. Most of these places are either owned by personal friends of the company, or are places that we have a long standing relationship with; this is the list of hostels that we are willing to put our name behind.

Affordable hostels in Budapest

The hostels on this list are affordable, clean, neat, friendly and reliable. They all have different features that make them unique and desirable, so we do recommend a good browse and a comparison. There are so many hostels out there, you probably do not need to compromise at all, and you can get all of the highlights and special features that you wanted out of the hostel in Budapest that you will rent.

AllNightCrash Hostel Page