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Indoor Climbing

One of the fastest growing athletic hobbies is indoor wall climbing, and now that the weather has finally gotten cold, these institutions will see a remarkable rise in numbers. Not just for sports enthusiasts and athletes, normal young people who otherwise do not do much active things besides an occasional jog or a hike in the spring also go to indoor climbing walls in Budapest, because it has gotten somewhat trendy to do so.

There are many indoor climbing walls in Budapest, and many of them also have clubs formed around them that go on international competitions and famous climbing tracks in the summer. So if you are looking for an active holiday in Budapest going to a nice indoor wall climbing place is as good enough a place as any to start. Here are three of the best ones in the city:

The spider club

Indoor Climbing

The spider club is perhaps the biggest indoor wall climbing facility in Budapest. This place has a massive 1360 square meters of indoor surface area, with 1000 square meters being a rope obstacle course, and a 360 square meter indoor climbing wall. This is set into many different stages, replicating the many different kinds of surfaces that you would encounter in nature; there are mountain sides as well as cavernous stages and cliffs as well. There are 100 routes in these 360 square meters, with the longest being a 13.5 meter climb through some most difficult terrain.

If you would like to know more about this Budapest indoor wall climbing club, visit: Official Site

Mászó Birodalom

The Hungarian name of this indoor wall climbing club means “climbers empire”, and it truly lives up to its name. They proudly boast that they have the tallest and most challenging walls in the city, and while this is true (they have a 17 meter tall wall in one of their rooms), they also have an amazing boulder room, and, unique and very rare in Budapest, they have a childrens climbing wall as well! The best thing about this space is that there are many different walls, and many of them are quite challenging, while the kids walls and the easier walls are there for the beginners, making this easily the most diverse and family friendly climbing wall in Budapest.

If you would like to find out more about this indoor climbing wall, check here: Official Site

Big Wall

Big Wall has two rooms, with over 750 square meters of wall surface designed into many different kinds of routes for professionals as well as beginners. The tallest walls are the pro walls that are 15 meters tall. This area is located in the north of Pest, and is very easy to find, even with public transportation. The facility has many different kinds of walls with many different levels being represented, so this indoor climbing wall can be sought out by anyone with an interest, whether it’s your first time climbing, or you are an experienced vet.