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Játszóház Project

Winter can get quite relentless in the Northern hemisphere, and although we have come up with ways of coping with it (usually involving centralized heating and a good healthy dose of alcohol), winter still harbors a number of problems, the most pressing one being boredom. Long gone are the days when you can go to a pub and sit outside, and let things just happen. In the snowy streets of Budapest, nothing just happens, and going to a pub may give you a bit of cabin fever, especially on a slow night. But a couple of friends from Budapest figured out a great way to get around this problem.

Játszóház Project

The Játszóház (meaning playhouse) project was started in October of 2012, and is just a reintroduction of board games, cards and other tabletop games to drinking. At first it was just a space to play board games and drink, and was hosted in a small flat, but soon too many people were coming, and a new place needed to be found. Játszóház Project - Piatnik Budapest The MÜSZI, a cultural space located at Blaha Lujza tér in what is truly the cultural center of Budapest became the new home for this project, and now every second Monday is play day. There are now several hundred participants each night, and the game has become something entirely different, now it is a great way to get to know some people and drink together. If you feel like you are up for some Yahtzee, some Monopoly, a game of Jeopardy or maybe a quick hand of Rummy, this is your place. The bar is your standard Budapest bar with the standard varieties, and at a relatively affordable price, too.

Játszóház projekt or Piatnik Budapest