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July 2016

With the festival season in full swing, All Night Crash was also very busy, because of all of the lovely travellers visiting us for their summer vacation. The hostels were packed, the pub crawls were also bigger, and many people enjoyed their stay in Budapest with us!

We got some new places that we started visiting as well, and the Aquarium at Deák tér is perhaps the most notable one of these. It is an enormous, semi-underwater bar, which is basically located in a giant aquarium. This is at the place where the local youth usually get together to enjoy a drink, so the atmosphere is really intense and loud, and the guests really mingled and enjoyed themselves at this spot, so we have decided to keep it on as a regular part of the All Night Crash courses. Our power hour continues to be a smash hit, and continues to draw in a lot of people, so don’t forget to book one if you are thinking of coming on a crawl with us!

The ruin bars and street festivals were out of hand this year. Many different clubs and pubs now collaborate with each other to bring summer festivals with one ticket letting you visit several different cool ruin bars, where live music, dj events, and a whole host of other interesting things take place daily. Instant really had a crazy line up, and many places worked with them to get travellers across the city, and to get them to see different locations in Budapest’s party district. The summer festival is in full swing, and the heat was intense, this has been a very typical and very pleasant July!