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Metro 4

Eight years, billions of forint spent, 4 elections filled with campaign promises, embezzlement and party politics, theft and outrage, and now it is all over. Budapest now officially has 4 metro lines, and you can go on the first ride this weekend! This has been promised since the 90s, and ground was first broken 8 years ago, but it is finally here, and we can finally include the XIth district, the district with the most people in it, into the underground railroad network. Great job guys! To fully understand why this is such a big deal, and why everyone wanted this to happen already, read on!

History of the 4 line

Metro 4

The metro 4 has been used as a political tool to win votes from the populace, and it has become a joke and a symbol of something utterly unattainable for the masses. Budapest residents will say stuff like “it is as unattainable as the 4 line” and stuff like this, because the construction of this underground line has been going on for so long, and with so much disappointment and scandal, that anecdotes have sprung up about the metro.

The first time it was mentioned that the leaders of the city are considering building a new metro line was in 1972, and the idea has been thrown around since then. That is 42 years now, and people have had enough by now, and many people simply did not believe that this is going to manifest at all. The route and plans have changed many times, until a final route was established and the preliminary work was started in 1998. The legacy has continued since then, and ti is now 2014, and the people of Budapest are antsy and anxious to say the least, especially since the construction has changed the face of the city entirely, and has been showing roadblocks onto already congested roads since that time. Now all that is over.

The route

Metro 4

The two terminals will be at Keleti pályaudvar, which is one of the biggest railway stations, and will be linking up with Kelenföldi pályaudvar, one of the farthest railway stations in Budapest, truly the southwestern outpost. The idea is to give a way for the people in the XIth district, which is the most populous district, an easy time getting to and from work. Since traffic is so notoriously terrible in Budapest, this is a common sense move, and the reasons it took so long to complete this very obvious and lucrative decision is because of weak governmental policies in HUngary. Since all political parties here are based around and run by members of criminal organizations, they rarely have much say or experience in social engineering, but do steal any and all money, including EU funds and tax payer money, not even mentioning the latest scandals of people being killed by the tax office for asking about embezzlement (the man allegedly died in a police car), and of the current administration stealing pension money to repay IMF loans without consulting the public.

An offer

Since so many people have been interested in this metro line, the BKK, who supplies the public transportation in Budapest, and who was also involved in a massive embezzlement scandal two years ago, to which there were employee strikes as a result and the city was debilitated, was evers o generous and allow people to ride the metro line for free starting today, on Friday, and ending on Sunday. After all the time, effort, and money that was stolen, this should be a bare minimum.