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O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014

Few people know it, but Hungary is one of the places known internationally for its excellent goa and psychedelic trance music. The crowning achievement of the Hungarian psytrance scene is most definitely the organization of one of the biggest events in the genre, the OZORA festival. Basically, the festival is basically 6 days of non-stop dancing, fun, and a spiritual journey in which you get to know yourself and the unseens, astral aspects of the world around you. This is the manieth time this festival has been organized, but only recently has the festival outgrown being just an underground psychedelic techno party, and has emerged truly as an alternative cultural festival.

O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2014

This year, the transformation continues. The two main stages, the Pumpui stage and the Chill out stage will remain the same, having music by day and films at night, with other stages pumping goa trance and psychedelic music until all hours of the night, but many other programs await. There will be theater, interpretive dance, and a huge area called the magic garden in which all sorts of cultural events and workshops will take place. Some of these are quite deep, many psychologists will be there for example to talk about issues relating to the human psyche, and to the evolution of the human mind. There will also be instrument building workshops, metallurgy and a whole host of other arts and crafts, making this truly a “festival” celebrating psychedelic culture, and not just a rave in the woods with interesting music. The music has also become more diverse, and you can find other genres representing themselves more and more frequently, aside from the staple goa trance and forest psychedelia of previous years.

The same awesome atmosphere will be there, just as in previous years, but now bigger and better than before. The place is basically like a village, and the people there are there for spiritual reasons and to have a good time in peace and harmony with one another. If you choose to go to this festival, please be respectful of this fact, and bring a positive and open minded attitude with you, this is not just some summer festival to get trashed and try to get laid at, but a community of people from all over the world who are there to explore. As can be expected, there will be drugs present at the festival, but the use of psychedelics and narcotics is very strictly prohibited in Hungary, and the laws are quite fierce (and have just recently gotten a whole lot fiercer), so only take them at your own risk. With that being said, the festival is worth looking at completely sober as well, as the many art houses, movies, music and workshops are a great workout for the mind in and of themselves, and the music can bring about a trance like state without the aid of substances.

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