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Party Hostels In Budapest & Free AllNightCrash Pub Crawl T-Shirt

Party HostelIf you are staying in a party hostel in Budapest and doing the free pub crawl with them, you can get a discount to the Allnightcrash Budapest Pub Crawl, apply for the fancy free t-shirt as a free gift for the real pub crawl lovers from the budapest party hostels.

What to do if you stay in a party hostel or you are planning to stay there in Budapest?

BP party hostels are our friends, they are recommended and met by night in the party places of Budapest night life.

So we recommend to stay there if you want to be hosted by party loving people, they also organise pub crawls, they are free, included in the hostel price. We are a bit different, well, we are locals, with knowledge which might be even better regarding the capital where we were born than those great hotel owner guys . So stay there, learn about the most updated, greatest, young foreigners , brits, americans and australians moved to Budapest, enjoy partying with them, but give us a chance to show you why we are different and why we have been able to do Budapest’s ultimate backpacker pub crawl already for 6 years, and why we have become by now one of the oldest, most experienced and most popular pub crawls in Budapest. If you stay in a party hostel in Budapest , If you wear a party hostel (such as Grand Dio, ..........................) pub crawl wristband , t-shirt or any other stuff from Budapest party hostel, you did their tours or pub crawls , and you want to join us you can get a free AllNight Crash pub crawl T-shirt.

Other hostel If you are staying in one of the great hostels of Budapest, as in Maverick hostel, 11 hours hostel, Njoy Hostel, Good morning hostel, Black sheep hostel or even in Big Fish hostel, you might be close to Astoria, Ferenciek tere, Blaha Lujza tér, Nyugati tér, Oktogon in Budapest, so you are probably seeking pubs, (or ruin pubs) bars, clubs, party or night clubs near to or next to your hostel or other type of accommodation in Budapest, than we can help you as The Budapest AllNghtCrash Pub Crawl meeting point is propably only a 10 minute walk from your hostel. If you have any kind of voucher, flyer, invoice from these hostel, you can get a free AllNightCrash pub crawl T-shirt if you join us tonight!

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