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Why we decided not to do power hour pub crawl in Budapest?

Well, to be honest most of us love drinking, partying, having as much alcohol as possible, but by now, based on our 6 years pub crawl experience, organising one of Budapest oldest, but most famous and most popular, must do pub crawls, we learnt, if you drink sometimes just a slightly less, you enjoy much more from the night!

Power hour pub crawl in Budapest

So we don’ t do Power hour pub crawl as people will get so much alcohol in the first bar, during the first hour, than probably not everybody will be able to do the pub crawl, won’t see the best bars and clubs, actually the program you paid for. This can lead to you forgetting to pick up girls, which may may have been an objective for the night and surely not remembering the night he paid for. (Worse stories when people lose everything wake up in the detox hospital or the drunk tank next morning...doesn’t sound fun, does it? )

Power hour pub crawl - Hangover

And the hangover?

Good Luck! Believe or not you lose nothing with us! You can drink enough with us, we just don’t kill you and your night in an hour, we don’t like it when you are unable to think, dance, get know new people, even remember two more days! Yes you can drink enough, thanks to our free welcome shots in our bars, some of them strong enough or pure vodka, other are mixed, easier tasty welcome shots drinkable for everyone. In bars you can have also the special offers, which allow you to drink cheap, but definitely not the cheapest shit drinks provided by these power hours. So you can create your own power hour or half an hour even 4- 5 times a night, but with a minimum of control to help you survive! Yes we think it is worth drinking a slightly responsibly as it is worth visiting the places we guide you and then it is worth remembering your AllNightCrash Pub Crawl, your Budapest Night Out with us!

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