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Rock fans frequently feel themselves cheated out of the festival season. Sziget is no longer an exclusively Rock fest, although many great bands of the genre play there every year, but it just does not have that rock and roll spirit it used to. This year Hegyalja, the biggest exclusively rock and roll festival in Hungary got cancelled due to technical issues, but there is still Rockmaraton! With 4 stages and 6 days of music and a party that lasts for a whole week, this year is sure to make up for apparent losses.

Rockmaraton Festival 2014


Rockmaraton is one of the oldest festivals in Hungary, and started as a large gig that was held every year. The first one was held in 1991, and the organizer Rudán Joe was and still is an influential blues and rock and roll musician, playing in several bands and also pursuing a solo career. The festival was then free, and lasted almost two days, with continuous live music. In 2000, the rockmaraton was already a large festival, and was moved to a more secure location, and a few years after that the festival spread to have 3 stages.

This festival still exemplifies the typical Hungarian festival scene that used to be present at all major summer fests, and as such it is a dying breed. In 2012 they announced the end of the Rockmaraton, but the city of Pécs, where the festival is held, decided to support the festival with 5 million forint each year, thus ensuring that this fest will be held.

Rockmaraton 2014

This year there will be four stages, and each one will represent a different style of music, but all of them will be loud and rude. The main stage will play mostly rock bands, while the aptly named Hammerworld stage will play mostly metal music. There will also be two stages of more lo-fi and punk bands, but plenty of rock and metal can be expected on the tent stage and the nuskull pit as well.

This year’s highlights are Sepultura, The Exploited, Arch Enemy, Sabbaton, Heidevolk, Rotting Christ, Death Before Dishonour, and a host of awesome local bands as well.

The atmosphere of this festival is something truly unique and must be felt in person to understand. The people are super friendly, and the entire event is very familial despite being surprisingly large. After the gigs, which end around 5 am, there will be a rock disco playing until the next band comes on in the afternoon, giving you the opportunity to stay up, drink and party for as long as you like.


Rockmaraton is held in the Malomvölgy 5 kilometers outside of Pécs in southern Hungary, near the village of Kökény.

Accommodations are available on the festival grounds, as there is a separate area where you can pitch a tent and go to sleep right there at the festival. There is a separate camping ground which is protected 24/7 by security. The space is free if you have a weekly pass, but if you only have a ticket for a few days, you have to pay a nominal fee of 500 forint.

Rockmaraton ticket prices

A weekly pass costs just 14 900, which grants you free access to the tent area, and to the check house where you can wash up and charge your cell phone, and if you buy one before the 5th of july, you can get it for just 11 900 forint. A single day ticket costs just 5 000 forint, making this festival by far the cheapest one in Hungary.


If sleeping on the festival grounds does not sound too good for you, consider booking your accommodation through our hostel planner! Visit hostel.allnightcrash.com, and find yourself a place near the festival in Pécs. There are many places which cater to festival goers specifically, so it should not be too difficult to find something!

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