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Standard Cab Fares in Budapest

Taxi fares are now standardized in the city of Budapest! No more of the chaos and confusion as to why the taxi driver asked for a smuch as he did, no more varying fares for different clients, all taxi cabs in Budapest have to charge the same exact amount. While cabbies are less than happy, customers are ecstatic, and visitors to this great city need not fear being ripped off anymore.


Although rates have become more expensive for some cab companies, at least now you can really budget how much a cab ride will cost you. Getting into the cab will cost you 480 forint (roughly 2 dollars), and each kilometer travelled will cost an additional 280 forint, which is a little less than one euro. This easy calculation is made slightly more complicated with the tariffs system, and different locations have different tariffs, and extra cars, like mini vans and larger cars also will cost more, but the most you will pay at any given time is 420 forint/kilometer. This means that even if you are transporting lots of stuff to and from the airport, this will be the largest sum you will have to fork over.

Standardizing cab fares is just one of many moves that Hungary is taking to make itself more appealing and accessible to tourism. The country really has a lot to offer, but the infrastructure is not always as good as it could be, and a lot of effort and resources are being spent on improving the conditions here, and in making it easier to understand, as this country has some serious problems with bureaucracy and inefficient systems, especially when it comes to financial issues. It is good to see that this is slowly changing, and one of the best places to start this change is in the cab fare, as this is an aspect of Hungary that most tourists will get to experience.