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Are you visiting the Sziget festival?

Are you visiting the Sziget festival?

Cool! We do, if you have one or only a few hours free time during the festival & are hungry for a taste of Budapest – the 2 000 000 metropolis - night life, join us to give you a perfect night!

Sziget Festival 2006

Festivals are the best things to do in Budapest nowadays!

(: of course after the Pub Crawl :)

We have been festival lovers since the biggest one got started here, the most popular, now internationally famous Sziget Festival is a highly recommended program that takes place every August. In the early days days people, mostly backpackers arrived in swarms, staying in BP mainly to visit Sziget Festival, in Hajogyari Sziget. During this time, Budapest’s smallest, biggest and best hotels are all fully booked, many of the guests and tourists are still interested in visiting Budapest as well. During this time more than others you are lacking time, so you might need a perfect and professional guide into Budapest’s nightlife, to see, for instance, the popular clubs or the underground ruin bars. So that is the reason AllNightCrash pub crawl is likely to be the most welcomed and most popular nightly event to bring people together before, after and during the Sziget Fesztival days.

Sziget Festival

Many people arrive one or two days before the Sziget festival starts and they are eager to learn more about Budapest. Yes guys don’t worry, you have one day to get used to the wild Hungarian drinking habits, to get to know Budapest’s nightlife and get ready to be a real Sziget Festivaler for your amazing week.

Another kind of guest we see a lot of during these weeks is a Sziget festival visitor with a one or two day ticket, before or after or just in the middle of your Sziget festival nights joins us to participate in the famous and ultimate AlNightCrash Pub Crawll!!!! How to combine the Sziget fest and the pubcrawl Free T shirt if you have a valid Sziget festival 2012 Ticket on your arm.....

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