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SZIGET is the oldest running festival in Hungary, and is arguably the best one in Europe. Lots of backpackers from all around the world keep coming back to this tiny island every year in early August, to experience and relive the friendships, romances, fun times, drinking, dancing and all around good fun that this festival has become synonymous with.

Sziget Festival 2013


The festival has been organized since the early nineties, first only semi-legally as an alternative music festival for college students, punk rockers and the usual lower middle class youth. Quickly, many brands and the city itself saw the possibilities i this small, counter-cultural festival, and more and more stages offering more more and more services started to pop up. Back in those days, it was still called Diák Sziget, or Student Island. In 2001, Pepsi became the main sponsor for the festival, and the festival changed shape entirely.

Some claim it is for the better, some claim for the worst, but it has indeed changed. Most people think that the festival outgrew itself, and the appearance of vendors, medical tents, security guards and the dissipation of the family like atmosphere is an inevitable part of a festival growing up. Perhaps they are right but the truth is, now the festival is one of the biggest ones in Europe, attracting the biggest names from all over the world, in any style of music you can possibly imagine, from punk rock to reggae to depe house to experimental jazz and even folk and world music, you will definitely find it here.

This Year

The 2013 line-up is massive. More than 10 stages will be pumping music all day and most certainly all night long, and each one is themed and geared towards a certain type of audience, although most people will not know where to go and when, as all the stages will be so awesome. There is going to be a tribute concert for recently deceased Cipő, a Hungarian pop rock icon. Foreign headliners include Skunk Anansie, Firewater, David Guetta, Ska-P, Blur, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Franz Ferdinand and Enter Shikari.

Image: Sziget Festival Official