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Tomorrowland official aftermovie

Yesterday’s mystery is tomorrow’s gift

There’s only a few thing that everyone is sure about in our era of uncertainties: that “Tomorrow is mystery”, that this is part of Tomorrowland’s slogan, and that Tomorrowland means the purest essence of everything that you may expect of a festival! And in terms of festivals, you should never regret having high expectations...

Summer equals to festivals for everyone who know how to enjoy their youth. If there’s a way to attend one, don’t miss out on it! A music festival provides an experience that cannot be described by words, you must feel it on your skin… Especially when we’re talking about such ones as Tomorrowland, what is itself a miraculous wonderland in its design and atmosphere. It’s no wonder if dreams come true in this fairytale land and in Dreamville, where instead of magnificent stages, tents grow out of the soil like magical mushrooms…

Tomorrowland is a 3-day electronic music festival in Belgium, which offers a wide variety of musical styles and the best international DJ’s. With about 400 artists and 180 000 attendants, it is among the largest festivals in Europe. WikiFestivals

Tomorrowland has barely been around for 10 years, yet it receives worldwide attention and fame. In the last 3 years, all the tickets sold out within hours after their release. Tomorrowland Festival 2013

By now there’s no doubt that it is also among the best festivals: in 2012 it won the “Best Major European Festival” award. Festival Awards Europe

If this doesn’t sound exciting enough, there’s always the official aftermovie to show you what you’ve missed by not having been there last year. It’s better to realize now that you must go next time, than to find it out right after the tickets are sold for the next year… Which is going to be the 10th anniversary of the festival, so if there’s a way to further improve the festival, they’ll surely find it! Don’t wait until THAT aftermovie, watch it now and let yourself be overwhelmed even by a mere shadow of the experience!