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VOLT Festival 2014

VOLT Festival 2014

VOLT festival is one of the oldest and one of the largest festivals, perhaps being dwarfed only by the mighty Sziget festival. This gathering is also achieving quite a reputation world wide, with many people from all over the world coming back every year to Sopron, the Westernmost city of Hungary just to get to be at this festival one more time.

VOLT Festival 2014

The Lovér camping in Sopron will be transferred in just 18 days into the site of one of the most exciting and unique festivals of Europe. This festival has been around since 1993, and has a solid following in the area, as well as internationally. At first the festival was linked to the VOLT magazine, a pop culture mag in the early 90s that dealt with up and coming musicians mostly. The magazine has since completely fallen apart, but the festival remained. At first the fest was held in the Sopron sports arena, but the festival out grew that venue in 2001, and relocated to a camping. This way, more people can come, and since the switch, more and more foreign visitors have graced Sopron. The music can truly be called eclectic, as electronica and dance music mixes with folk and traditional music, rock, metal and rap and hip-hop, and even reggae and ska has been known to be a part of the festival. Aside from the music, there are a bunch of activities to do as well, like sports, competitions, movie screenings, theater performances, and exhibits as well.

This year, the radio friendly rock and pop music lovers will be very happy to hear that Hurts, Thirty Seconds to Mars, MGMT, Volbeat and Modestep will all be present at the 2014 VOLT festival. Electronic music lovers will get to see Steve Aoki play a special legendary set, but Netsky, Excision and Morcheeba will also be sure to grab the attention of Dj loving music fans. If your into something a little bit heavier, but still well on the safe and radio friendly side, you can see Hatebreed, Bring Me The Horizon, and a bunch of Hungarian bands as well. Local talent will also be present, the legendary Tankcsapda, the intelligent hip-hop artists Hősök, the fun and energetic Pannonia AllStars Ska Orchestra, and a bunch of other Hungarian names (Brains, Pál Utcai Fiúk, Kaukázus, just to name a few) are well worth checking out, as they truly up hold an international standard.

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