"Our Budapest Pub Crawl had Over 30000
Happy Guests since 2007. Join Hungary's
first licensed Ruin Bar Tour." - Martin (founder)

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Are you staying in Budapest this winter?

Did you know it is the heart of pub crawls in the East? Don’t know where to go to swim in a lake of booze? You are in the right place!

Winter Pub Crawl

The oldest running and best pub crawl in Budapest invites you to to take a dip in the frozen lake of beer, wine and the ever notorious Hungarian specialty, pálinka. We are proud to organize pub crawls in Budapest, even in the off season, when no other pub crawls run. But as they lay down to hibernate, we are wide awake as ever, providing the best night out for those fortunate enough to come to Budapest in the winter! So if you are looking to increase your blood alcohol level and party in Budapest, then meet us in the usual spot, in front of the Burger King near Oktogon at 9 pm sharp. Enjoy the Budapest nightlife with a small group of friends, on average 15-20 new drinking buddies.

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