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One of the best times to do a pub crawl is during the World Cup, as it is memorable (it happens once every 4 years), and watching the game is a pub past time that most pubs will accommodate during the World Cup season. And to make things easier, most games start at the same time our pub crawl does, at 9 pm.

World Cup Fans

World Cup Fans

If you want to see the best matches while drinking in new locations and rooting for your favorite teams with some local supporters, this pub crawl is for you. Nothing brings people together internationally like sports, and to share your favorite sports team with a person from a different nation is one of those true international moments that only sports can bring.

World Cup Fans

And just as the game is over, we will arrive at the club, where you can celebrate the victory, or forget the defeat of your chosen team by dancing and drinking until well after the first morning light.

The bars will have all sorts of specials for sports fans during this time, and as welcome shot is due at every bar we enter, so get ready to cheer and experience the thrill that only comes once every 4 years. Don’t miss a single play back or a single move, as we will head out to our next pub during the breaks, getting to the next pub just as the next round starts.

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl

Meetup is 8:45 at Burger King, and we will be going to the first pub by 9 to see the games start. From there, we will leave to the next place once the break is on, and end up at the end of the night in a disco or club once the excitement is over. So bring your team spirit, your favorite cheers, and let’s drink to victory!

AllNightCrash Budapest Pub Crawl


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