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Welcome to Budapest’s longest running pub crawl, AllNightCrash!

We are the oldest, most trusted and most fun pub crawl in Budapest, with the right connections and enough local knowledge to give you the night of your life in the wonderful Hungarian capital, Budapest. Established in 2007 to fill a niche that desperately needed filling, the pub crawl has grown and developed since then to fulfill any and all needs, with many different kinds of pub crawls and routes made to capture the desires of all who have a free night in Budapest.

The AllNightCrash Experience

We only work with the best guides, who are a part of the nightlife, and not just someone from the outside looking in-how else could we guarantee the best pubs and bars? Street smart and fun loving, our guides will help you and are there to answer any questions you may have. Our pub crawls typically include 4 bars and a dance hall or disco or club at the end, entrance fees are included in the price, and a complimentary welcome drink will be offered in all the bars and pubs we visit. We network with all of the best pubs and bars, so we always know where to go to meet great people and host an unforgettable experience, and of course, the famous Budapest ruin bars are always included in the crawl. Our guides are flexible and will include any and all requests, as long as they are reasonable, so if there is a place you have been dying to see, have heard about or are just interested in, mention to your guide, and s/he will do everything in their power to get around to your request.

What To Do In Budapest

If you are looking for a different kind of pub crawl, or have already experienced the AllNightCrash, you will be glad to hear that our expert team has assembled many other kinds of tours as well. If you are looking for a posh experience, where the average man of the street will not be present, or are just not interested in the rough and tumble that a pub crawl entails, we have devised a Bar Tour of Budapest just for this type of occasion. This way you can show off your new black dress or that expensive polo shirt, don your stilettos, and have fun with class. We also provide a wine tasting tour, too, combining the love of fine wines with a walk through the beautiful inner city of Budapest. The walk is not too heavy, with snacks, wine, and refreshments offered along the way.

If you are looking to celebrate your stag party or hen party in Budapest, we have a pub crawl for that as well. Our guides will take you to the best Nightclubs and party places catering to just such an occasion. If you book your stag party with us, you can make sure you will be getting excellent service, and we can guarantee you will not be overcharged or ripped off, a major concern when dealing with nightclubs. We also provide free walking tours to help you get over your hangover. Only offered in good weather, the walking tour involves food, just enough exercise and body movement to make you feel alive again, plenty of fresh air, and a look at the hidden green inside Budapest. Long known for its beautiful parks and spacious green stretches, see what the Hungarian capital can offer you, at a leisurely, laid back pace. Our guides will also offer interesting facts and information along the way, so you can cram some culture in a convenient amount into your days off in Budapest.