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Power Hour Pubcrawl


Excellent crawl, excellent spirit, cool guides... just stay away from the Pálinka! This shit is insane!


New York

Pub crawl was excellent good way to meet new people whilst having a few drinks and abit of a laugh. 

Jon C

A good start on a great night out. Meet people from all over the World. In all ages between 18-58 :-)



We have joined the pub crawling with other three girl we just met the night before. Norbert was simply an amazing tour guide.

Kenneth G

Fun people, worth the price, nice bars and clubs! Good way to se different ruin bars and meet people from others places.



Such a fun night! We stayed out until 3:00 am which I have not done in a VERY long time. 


US, California

This was a great tour. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys craft beer or just trying new places. Tons of fun!

Janine C

US, California

I had an amazing time and our guide was a great person with wonderful personality.

Mahmood A

If you searching for a nice individual & personal tour in budapest  & tasting a lot of different crafted hungarian beer, take this one!

Eric Nawrotzky


Went on this pub crawl a few times and always had an amazing time! 


A great oppurtunity to meet new people and visit the best bars of Budapest! Great people, loved it!!


The Netherlands

Nice trip to some great bars. A great way to discover Budapests nightlife, even with your girlfriend ;)


The Netherlands

It was perfect , we join it in Budapest and met with new people and fun all night. Thank u for everything guys. 

Mecit O


Was great, they helped us out when we got lost and were late to arrive. Took us to very nice ruin bars, didn't have to que at bar for drinks.


St. Albans, US

I did the pubcrawl with tree friends, it was a lot of fun and we met a lot of people from different countries. The pubs we visit were very nice


The Netherlands

This is my 3rd time going on this pub crawl with my dance group and we always have a lot of fun!

Edith K


I went on this crawl to nights in a row, the guides were awesome, I would recommend it to anyone going to Budapest!

Cristobal R

One of the best nights I had in Europe! So much fun and the best, funnest staff! Definitely worth doing! Made loads of friends.

Anna D

Become apart of the magic with Stokes very own Wizard of amazement.

Paul J W

The Pub Crawl is an amazing evening Event to participate in. 


Munich, Germany

This pub crawl was a wicked amount of fun. We met so many awesome people on the crawl with us.


St. George, Utah

Ended up to be about 30 people in our group. We met some great people and stayed out until the sun came up!

Ryan S

Florida, US

Great night had with these great hosts, led us to some of the coolest ruin bars in Budapest hope to get back here soon



It was the best night of my summer. And every summer prior.

Alexandra P

Needless to say, it was fate. Go hard or go home is all I can say.  Top lad, top night, top company


Sunderland, UK

Had an amazing night, ended up meeting great people and had two lovely guides.

Megan G

Cambridge, UK

The pubs were cool but the club at the end was insane. Thoroughly recommend!

Sam S

Cambridge, UK

A huge thank you to the guides and all participants of that unforgettable party!

Irishka Traveller


I had a great night on this pub crawl; our guides were absolutely fantastic!

Ashley L


We visited five different ruin pubs they were really nice!

Jyry Rautavirta

Helsinki, Finnland

I had a great time and all the venues we visited were unique and a blast. Thanks for a great pub crawl!


New York, US

The pub was absolutely incredible.The tour guides were fantastic and extremely knowledgeable.

Andy A

London, UK

You should definitely go here if you're stuck for doing something at night. It was the highlight of my time in Budapest for sure!

Shaun M

Highly recommended, the people running it are a hoot, I stayed the rest of the night because I was having such a good time


Los Angeles, US

These guys took us to some really cool ruin bars before heading to the best nightclub in Budapest. 


It was a great time and great way to meet new folks. 

Nathan H

cant wait to go back would do it again and recommend it to anyone!

Christopher C

Dublin, Ireland

Top night out with great bunch of people (from different places of the world).


London, UK

Brilliant night out with a really cool group of people whilst we were in Budapest! 

Emma T

My friend and I did this pub crawl while we were in Budapest and had the best time!



If I wasn't moving on, I'd have definitely gone again. 


Bridgwater, UK

Ireally enjoyed the pub crawl. The bars were cool and we got to see parts of Budapest we normally wouldn't. 


Georgia, US

We have now done 7-8 pub crawls in other cities across europe and this one has been our favorite by far!


Good value for the money and saw pubs we would not have known to go to on our own. Very fun. Highly reccommend this pub crawl.

Melissa M

I've done several pub crawls in other cities in Europe after, but this one turened out to be the best.

Yuliya K


Fantastic experience over all.



I highly recommend this your. Went to heaps of quirky pubs. Definitely a must do.

Mark T

Our tour guide Ben was super nice and tried to get to know everyone on a personal level. 


Florence, Italy

What can I say other than : it was awesome !

Ju M

One word...AMAZING!! Defiantly recommend when you visit Budapest. 

Abbie C

Portsmouth, UK

This was definitely my favourite night in Budapest. 

Maria C

Dublin, Ireland

MUCH BETTER than the pub crawl we did in Prague just a few days earlier!

Ben L

Dublin, Ireland

I fully recommend this experience, you meet people from the beginning and if you're up for a long night, you will have lots of fun.



Great experience... Truly skipped the lines and had welcome drinks at every bar, plus free champagne and treats along the way. 

Christian S

 It was a fun night out and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Budapest's night-life and meeting people.



Despite the cold/rainy weather I had a blast! Our guide was friendly and incredibly sweet. 

Beth S

Cicago, US

Best night in Budapest!

Ahmed S

Cairo, Egypt

You might be lucky like me, and meet a famous person! It was pretty damn awesome. The people are really welcoming.



We just had a small group but we had lots of fun. Visited some cool bars and had quite tasty shots at each bar. 

Kerry H

Great people, I encourage everybody visiting Budapest to take roll in this program. 

Novak M

I had a really good night. Chris (one of the guides) is a top lad.



A perfect choice for those who want to have real fun in Budapest, meet new people and see the freakiest pubs ever!


St. Petersburg, Russia

This pub crawl offers you the best of ruin pubs in Budapest!


Would definitely recommend to other travellers!

Elle L

Incredible night with nice bars, nice people and the best guides. You won't regret doing this pub crawl!


Great music, great drinks, great atmosphere! Thank you for a great night :)

Niamh M

Had a lot of fun dancing and drinking with other travelers.

Camilo F

Barcelona, Spain

So far they are the best pub crawl that I've seen in Budapest.



The your guide was class and showed excellent places, would recommend to anyone wanting to meet new folk

Sam W

Was an amazing night with some really cool places they introduced us to.

Micah L


We had the chance to meet some new amazing people and see some cool ruinbars. Can totally recommend it!


All in all well worth the money. The club called instant at the end was insane!!!


United Kingdom

We were a small group but we had maximum fun and we saw the best locations if Budapest :) every time again


South Africa

I can highly recommend the AllNightCrash Pub Crawl! They have a great staff that take you to four different ruin pubs 



We had a fantastic night out. This Kind of guided pubtour with one club as its final destination is ideal for young travelers



We had one of the best nights of the whole of Erasmus on this pub crawl! Hungarians sure know how to party!

George M

Notthingham, UK

One of the best nights on the Europe trip!


It was a fantastic night! I would do it again!


Edinburgh, UK

 Good value for money and would definitely do it again!

Holly L

Glasgow, Scotland

We went to amazing local places!!! That's the only all day pub crawl in Budapest!! It was my 4. p.c., but that was the best! Thank you guys!!! 

George A

Kansas, US

it was a great tour with an awesome crew,you find out the best clubs in budapest and a typical hungarian bar.



Was a great way to see quirky ruin bars.

Jonathan T

Glasgow, Scotland

It might be just us, but damn, these kids know how to party! Worth a shot

Brendon S


all the group was amazing, the guides were heplful!


Paris, France

Excellent fun, the bars were hip and underground :) Funny concept!! 


Prague, Czech Republic

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The AllNightCrash Experience

AllNightCrash PubCrawl

We only work with the best guides, who are a part of the nightlife, and not just someone from the outside looking in-how else could we guarantee the best pubs and bars? Street smart and fun loving, our guides will help you and are there to answer any questions you may have. Our pub crawls typically include 4 bars and a dance hall or disco or club at the end, entrance fees are included in the price, and a complimentary welcome drink will be offered in all the bars and pubs we visit. We network with all of the best pubs and bars, so we always know where to go to meet great people and host an unforgettable experience, and of course, the famous Budapest ruin bars are always included in the crawl. Our guides are flexible and will include any and all requests, as long as they are reasonable, so if there is a place you have been dying to see, have heard about or are just interested in, mention to your guide, and s/he will do everything in their power to get around to your request.

What To Do In Budapest

If you are looking for a different kind of pub crawl, or have already experienced the AllNightCrash, you will be glad to hear that our expert team has assembled many other kinds of tours as well. If you are looking for a posh experience, where the average man of the street will not be present, or are just not interested in the rough and tumble that a pub crawl entails, we have devised a Bar Tour of Budapest just for this type of occasion. This way you can show off your new black dress or that expensive polo shirt, don your stilettos, and have fun with class. We also provide a wine tasting tour, too, combining the love of fine wines with a walk through the beautiful inner city of Budapest. The walk is not too heavy, with snacks, wine, and refreshments offered along the way.

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